Partners in Health projects

A lot of innovative health projects, even those that come from the best engineers, designers or programmers don't progress due its inadequacy to the needs and language of the health professionals.

Even medical contents of a gaming project need accuracy, attention to the channel where it will be published and consideration of the kind of user that will visit it. And furthermore, the most important thing is that our objectives match what our target user wants.

Medical doctors from Kalispera have clinical and hospital background, they know from their own experience what doctors look for and what their needs are. All the same, pharmacists from Kalispera know the needs of their collective. And both know how to talk to their clients/patients and what their worries are.

If we go together, results will be far different:

You have a brilliant idea for your customer but you are not a doctor and the project lacks consistency? We can work together, you decide how.