About us

Kalispera medical writing is an organization composed by senior medical writers. We specialize in developing quality medical and health content.


Flexible company structure and a high level of expertise: Senior medical writers supported by a network of experts.

Scientific methodology and ethics: References, citation policy, copyright and ethical codes always are respected. We use Hon Code methodology in online content.

Communication and language adapted to the target audience: We write in 4 main linguistic registers, depending on the user: patient / public, healthcare / pharmaceutical professional, general practitioner and specialist consultant.

Special attention to detail, to ensure that the materials produced are strictly scientific and clear.

Extensive experience in medical marketing: We are of value to the pharmaceutical industry because we understand what and how they want to communicate their texts.

A 2.0 view in medical writing of our online contents. We master our working tools and software; we do content marketing and we apply SEO techniques to our texts.

Vision 360º on online content: text and image. We edit ebooks and brochures, we illustrate articles and we develop presentations and training pills.

We assume, manage and develop end-to-end projects, working with the customer and/or their usual suppliers as needed, but proactively.

Professionalism: Decisive, assertive and result orientated, we work with effectiveness, efficiency and respecting planning’s and deadlines.

Dra. Mireia Cid

Graduated in Medicine from the University of Barcelona, Spain, expanded studies to specialize in General Surgery. Digital Health Advisor de la Comisión Europea.

She also holds a Master in Scientific Communication and a postgraduate degree in Internet Multimedia Projects.

At present, she manages Kalispera medical writing s.l. Furthermore, she is also an e-health end-to-end Health Project Management expert in Spain.